Brian Hoffman has just completed the much anticipated The Complete I.D. Resource for the New Millennium.  The book is only available direct from us, to control its distribution. WE VERIFY WHO OUR CUSTOMERS ARE.  If you want one of the books we researched in creating our report, we sell them too, but if you are serious about this area, then this report is for you.

Some of the topics covered in The Complete I.D. resource for the new millennium:

  • State and Federal laws relating to identity manipulation.

  • What the real risks these people take

  • The ins and outs of every significant public and private identity related database, and how to use them for your investigations.

  • How to spot counterfeit cards.

  • How to use the toughest database for your investigation - the social security system

Well over a hundred pages of up-to-date info.  With a suggested price of only $29.95, this work is an essential tool for anyone looking to investigate identity theft, and who the REAL culprit is!

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