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One of the largest areas for false information, and downright fraud, on the internet is the false identification industry.  We were so surprised at the claims being made that we ordered a couple of these "fake ID's" to see if they delivered what was promised.  We were not surprised to find that in most cases our money was gone.  This is because the victim has no recourse.  It would be difficult to file a police report because the fake ID was never delivered. This of course is a good thing.  But people are still getting fake ID's somehow.  And how can you tell if an ID card is real? It was clear to us that better information was needed.  Following are some tips to ensuring that the ID cards you use are not duplicated by online fake ID vendors.

1) Do they offer "perfect copies" of state drivers licenses?

Any company that offers fake drivers licenses that look identical, or even almost identical, to state drivers licenses are absolutely going to take the customers money and deliver nothing.  Neither state or federal authorities will allow any company to sell such documents, particularly in this post 9/11 environment.  The law in this area is strictly enforced.  So these companies can be largely ignored as a risk area.

2) Do they offer holograms "the same as real drivers licenses"?

Producing holograms is very difficult and very expensive.  While some ID cards available online have great hologram laminations of the same quality of drivers licenses, these holograms will be of a different design.  No firm that had the resources to make real holograms would would make fake government holograms, just like no company would sell fake $100 bills online.  Ignore these companies

3) Is the company based oversees?

It's become common for companies to claim that by operating overseas, they can sell perfect fake ID's.  NONSENSE.  This is just a way to take money without any risk as it is difficult for a US citizen to complain to foreign law enforcement when they have been defrauded.  Believe it or not, countless people sent cash oversees with the crazy belief that they will be receiving a fake ID.  No risk here.

4)  Did you find the company on a "fake ID review site" or a "stop fake ID site"?

Many companies set up fake ID review sites that claim to review all the fake ID sites.  In reality, these sites are just a front to fraudulently market their own fake ID cards.. 

Many companies use a "stop fake ID" site.  These are sites that claim to want to shut down companies that make fake ID's.  In reality, they are just a cover to promote their own sites that will just take money without supplying a fake ID.  Typically they will say something like "this site is dangerous and should be shut down because they really sell perfect fake ID's".  Many people will think "perfect, just what I want".  It's a very clever technique that works.  Again, you can ignore these.

5) Do they offer secure online payment with credit cards?

Companies that take credit cards will always deliver exactly what was ordered.  If a customers do not receive the card they ordered, they will contact their credit card company and request a refund.  This is why the crooks never take credit cards. Fortunately, these companies will not fake your ID cards.  They typically fall in the category of legitimate ID card producers. Occasionally, they don't use a secure payment method and they are just a front for collecting credit card numbers, but this is not really the subject of this site.

So, how are people really getting fake ID cards?  Read our report to find out!