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  1. Why are you interested in exposing the fake ID industry?
  2. Is it illegal to change an identity?
  3. Isn't getting a new ID as easy as buying one of those fake drivers license on the web?
  4. So how to people really get a new ID?
  5. How can people legally get a new credit file?

Why are you interested in exposing the fake ID industry?

Fake ID suppliers typically justify their industry with the following:

Throughout history people have always had the opportunity for redemption.  After life's inevitable mistakes were made, people could choose to start over.  They could move to a new town or just stay put until memories faded, usually taking only a year or two.  Today, with the vast credit networks, government databases, and the easy availability of information on the web, people are finding that even the smallest mistakes are following them for up to ten years, and in some cases, their entire lives.  People have a natural right to move on, but technology is keeping them in the past through unnatural means. Creating a new identity is just a modern way of handling a basic human right. 

The reality of course is that fake ID companies are just helping people continue to make the same mistakes that got them into their mess in the first place.

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Isn't it illegal to change an identity?

It depends.  Law enforcement is more concerned with what the individual does with the new identity than the change itself.  For example, if  a new credit profile is created to remove the errors on your old file, nobody cares as long as the new credit is handled responsibility.  If creditors incur losses however, the endeavor may become perilous. 

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Isn't getting a new ID as easy as buying one of those fake drivers license on the web?

Fortunately, these are all scams.  Most counterfeit ID cards are created because the genuine card does not use the correct production techniques. The fake card is then easy to produce because the real one has nothing to distinguish itself from the fake. Good suppliers of ID cards will use these methods, while many will not.  Using the wrong supplier can open up your operation of serious risks.  You MUST make sure that your ID cards cannot be counterfeited.

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So how do people really get a new ID?

If there was a secret, we wouldn't be selling 9 books on the subject .  The average adult has personal data that is stored in the databases of over 300 companies.  The typical executive has personal data stored in almost 1000.  This is because just about every transaction with every company creates a record that is maintained by that company, and databases usurped the trusty filing cabinet well over a generation ago.  Instead of a secret, these people go through a lot of work.  Read our report, and you'll see how to spot these people.  With the right document and an entry in the right database, people can be anyone they desire.  With our report, it WONT work. 

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How can people legally get a new credit file?

They cannot.  Period.  Yes, there are many sites that state that they can, but they are misrepresentations.  The three credit bureaus use sophisticated computer modeling techniques and algorithms to ensure that if they do anything they are LEGALLY allowed to do, they cannot beat their systems.  They can work around their address and name controls legally, but the social security number is a difficult one to overcome.  They willl need to adjust the truth slightly to beat this control.  If it was legal, there wouldn't even be a point to credit bureaus existing.  Most people will never bend the law even slightly with something as important as credit, and these people represent little risk.  However, you will need our book to investigate creative individuals.  Feel free to read the common myths about consumer credit files. 

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